Inmaculada Garcia, Mateo Zaballos and Rocio Ferrando, winners of the V Emporio Gastronómico Golf Trophy.

Last Saturday the fifth edition of the Emporio Gastronomico Golf Trophy was held at the Mediterraneo Golf with the participation of more than sixty golfers in the three categories established by the organization. The trophy began at 9 o’clock in the morning at the time when the traditional shotgun gave the exit to the participants distributed in the 18 holes of the course that presented as always, an extraordinary state.

At the end of the course and although the result was tight, Inmaculada Garcia handicap 7.5 won with victory with 36 points, ahead of two of the favorites Luis Garcia with handicap 0.1 and the recent champion of Spain Adapted Golf Antonio Llerena with handicap 2.7. Both finished the course with 35 and 34 points respectively.

In second category if the predictions were met and Mateo Zaballos got the first place with 43 points, ahead of Vicente Ferrando with 41 points and Santiago Tena with 39.

In the junior category the only female participant Rocio Ferrando was imposed on the rest of the participants with great clarity as the second classified Enrique Boldo was six points. After the championship the trophies were awarded to the winners in each of the categories.