Julio Ruiz 1st classified Scratch 2nd Category in Championship Spain Amateur Senior

From May 10 to 12, the National Amateur Senior Masculine Spain Amateur National Championship was held in San Roque Club (New Course), in which the title of Male Senior Individual Spain Champion 2019 was for Ignacio González, who with a total of 227 strokes in San Roque Club, has surpassed Alicio Rodríguez in three; Achieving his second title of champion of Spain Individual Senior – the first dates from 2017 – with a convincing performance in the field of San Roque Club (Cádiz), which has been one of the main actors of a competition in which 120 have intervened. players.

Mediterráneo Golf player Julio Ruiz Segundo has obtained the first place in the Scratch 2nd Category classification: · JULIO RUÍZ SEGUNDO (86 – 79 – 80; 245)

This was the third valid test for the Men’s National Senior Ranking 2019. The first was the International Individual Spain Senior held in February at the RCG Sevilla with the victory of the Finnish Jukka Lehtonen and with Bernardo Campos and Ignacio González, twelfth, as the best Spanish ; the second was the National Senior Scoring Scorpio (Valencia), played in March with victory for Luis Semper; and the fourth will be the National Senior Men’s Scoring RCG San Sebastian, to be played on June 29 and 30.


1.- Ignacio González 227 (74 + 73 + 80)

2.- Alicio Rodríguez 230 (81 + 71 + 78)

3.- José Ignacio Márquez 232 (71 + 79 + 82)



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