Inma García and Luis García winners of the Senior Championship of the Valencian Community

Inma García and Luis García were awarded, after two days of tournament in Mediterráneo Golf, the Senior Championship of the Valencian Community, played between March 30 and 31.

With a score of 72 hits, Luis Garcia finished an impeccable return of presentation that took him to the front of the standings, a position he perpetuated by adding 73 strokes in the second round, achieving a total of 145 in the accumulated. Eight strokes away, with 153 in the accumulated (75-78), was Antonio Llerena, second classified.

In the female category, Inma García remained leader in both days. With 170 impacts in the accumulated, 84 in the first round and 86 in the second, the golfer managed to impose on the other players. Salvadora Araez failed to unseat Garcia from the first place and, with a total of 179 strokes, had to settle for second place.

Under the Stroke Play modality, the 100 participants toured the 36 holes, 18 in each day, leaving exceptional results. The last lap, marked by adverse weather conditions, required a greater effort on the part of the players, who were up to the circumstances.