How to act in case of Sports Accident Golf Temporary License (Non-Residents)

How to act in case of Sports Accident Golf Temporary License (Non-Residents)

Temporary License
Only NON-RESIDENT athletes, who are not in possession of the annual federative license in force in Spain, may obtain the corresponding TEMPORARY LICENSE issued by this Golf Federation of the Valencian Community, for exclusive use in their autonomous community, in which they have competitions on the sports modality of the sport of Golf and on the specialty of Pitch & Putt.

The temporary license includes an insurance that, in the case of the daily license, provides coverage for the day of the date, of the risks derived from the practice of the sport of Golf, in the federated facilities within the autonomous area of ​​the Valencian Community, from the time of issuance of the sports license.

It covers health risks, in the terms provided by Royal Decree 849/1993, of June 4, which determines the minimum benefits of the Compulsory Sports Insurance.

Benefits guaranteed in accordance with the Accident and Civil Liability Insurance policy arranged with the Company REALE Seguros Generales, S.A.

In the event of an accident or civil liability claims, proceed according to the rules of action established by the Company. It is essential to fill in the accident or loss notification part at the Sports Entity itself and send it by fax, as well as call by phone for immediate communication after its occurrence.

Rules of action in case of accident.
Accident communication part.
Rules of action in civil liability claims.
Part of communication of civil responsibility.
Insurance policy for NON-RESIDENT athletes for personal accidents and civil liability.
Circular 65/2013 of the RFEG. Obligation to demand the federal license in force.
Informative poster about the annual and temporary license.