Competition Protocol and Local Rules 2020 Covid19

Mandatory Mask in all common areas.
No Smoking in all common areas.
Obligation to maintain social distance.
Check the availability of Dressing Rooms.

After the entry into force of the World Handicap System, the RFEG and the Autonomous Federations, together with the rest of the Spanish golf institutions, have prepared a COVID-19 Competition Protocol. It is a complement to the opening of our sport. In it, guidelines and recommendations for the organization of social tests and competitions are established when the state, regional and / or local health and sports authorities allow it, depending on the evolution of the pandemic.

Once that authorization is established, the application of this Protocol, together with the Covid-19 Local Rules, allows the holding of competitions complying with the Golf Rules and the guidelines and recommendations issued by The R&A while the crisis of COVID-19 lasts, being subject to modification if circumstances so advise.

Each Competition Committee must adapt the measures applicable to the characteristics of each competition and golf course, always in accordance with any other guidelines imposed by the health and sports authorities.

The Competition Committees responsible for the development of the competitions are reminded that, for the correct application of the system and that the returns to process, whether from competitions or results out of competition, are considered valid, they must be played on a field that comply with the appropriate conditions and in accordance with the Golf Rules, including the guidelines and recommendations included in this protocol and the Covid-19 Local Rules.

It is also recalled that players must be in possession of the current RFEG license.

Protocolo competiciones NUEVA NORMALIDAD COVID19 24 junio 2020