Antonio Llerena wins his fourth Spanish Golf Championship Adapted in Novo Sancti Petri

The golfer of Castellón equals in the palmarés of the tournament with Juan Postigo, absent this time.

Antonio Llerena has obtained his fourth victory in the Adapted Golf Spain Championship, which has completed its tenth edition on the course of the Novo Sancti Petri Royal Golf Club (Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz). The tournament has counted with the participation of 35 players from different points of the national geography.

The Castellón player has won with solvency in the Andalusian tour. He has done so while maintaining a regularity of one of the best national Adapted Golf players. If on the first day he dispatched a card of 79 strokes, in the second he did not go from 80 for 159 to the total.

The Madrid Francisco Centeno, who already on the tee of 1 pointed to the main alternative to the lead, did not lose 84 strokes, a result sufficient to maintain the second place. The Catalan Xavi Rubio, first winner of the tournament, back in 2010, qualified in third place with thirteen more strokes than Centeno.

Antonio Llerena, with triumphs in 2012, 2013 and 2017, had before him the opportunity to tie in the palmarés with the Spaniard Juan Postigo, absent in this tenth edition, who with four victories topped the list of winners of this Championship of Spain of Adapted Golf, reserved to golfers with handicap up to 18.4 in possession of the Medical Pass. Castellón has taken advantage of this option to perfection.

Llerena and Centeno, the best in the first day

The first day and left in front of Antonio Llerena, very solid at all times. At the end of the sleeve he excelled in three strokes to Francisco Centeno. The two players mentioned, with 79 and 82 strokes, respectively, established a significant gap with respect to the rest of the participants, with special mention for the Extremaduran Adolfo Lena and Xavi Rubio, tied in the third place with 88 strokes.

On the other hand, in the Adapted Golf Spain Cup, the most outstanding were Madrid’s Carlos Álvarez and Carlos Cofrades, with 33 and 32 points, respectively.

As it happened in the nine previous editions, the test has been specifically sponsored by the Adapted Golf Committee of the RFEG to give more opportunities to access this sport to people with different disabilities.

Nine years of Xavi Rubio’s triumph

In the inaugural edition of the Adapted Golf Spain Championship, at the National Golf Center in 2010, the Catalan Xavi Rubio won. In 2011, in Villaitana, Francisco Centeno succeeded him in a list of achievements that Antonio Llerena and Juan Postigo complete with their four triumphs.

This Championship has been played in accordance with the Rules established by the EDGA (European Disabled Golf Association) and following the “Modifications of the Rules of Golf for Disabled Players” published by the Rules Committee of the RFEG and approved by R & A Limited.



1st Antonio Llerena 159 (79 + 80)

2nd Francisco Centeno 166 (82 + 84)



Carlos Álvarez Rodero 67 (33 + 34)

2nd CLASSIFIED: Francisco Javier Cabello 64 (31 + 33)

SPECIAL PRIZE (First place Stableford Handicap Cº of Spain and Spanish Cup with Medical Pass)

Ángel Rincón Muñoz 68 (35 + 33)


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